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The Sun – 17th February 2011
My Kidnapper Facebooked Me
As the friend request popped up on her Facebook page, Reini Weigel stared in disbelief. It was from a woman, Camila, who just a few years earlier had been responsible for holding her hostage for three months in one of the remotest regions of the world. So why on earth did she now want to be added to Reini's list of friends?

The Guardian – 11th February 2011
****Mark Henderson’s charged documentary revisits his kidnap in Colombia. Can he and his captor be Facebook friends?
‘My Kidnapper’ – charged, complex and always compelling – revisits the ruins and speaks to the ghosts..

Time Out – 10th-16th February 2011
‘My Kidnapper’ is a remarkable film, and it’s largely down to Henderson himself: an engaged, insightful and always inquisitive frontman, we’re with him every step of this brave, emotionally demanding journey.

The Financial Times – 10th February 2011
The movie is made memorable by the gymnastic mind-moves it depicts, suggesting that traumatic experience can become a trampoline for whole new thought processes.

The Quietus – 18th February 2011
My Kidnapper is an amazing story that becomes increasingly revealing as the travellers’ memories are layered on their discoveries. Mark’s commentary is extremely measured considering the horror of his experience, and each of the kidnappers offer uniquely insightful observations.

Huck Magazine – 11th February 2011
The film is a considered exploration of morality, forgiveness and coping with trauma, culminating in an in-depth interview with a remorseful Antonio.

Cine-Vue – 11th February 2011
My Kidnapper is an incredibly powerful personal account of what it is like to be kidnapped and to be held captive – devoid of any dramatised reconstructions and special effects – that will hopefully bring both closure and recognition to an extremely talented film maker in Mark Henderson.

BBC World Service Radio Interview – 9th February 2011
When British TV producer Mark Henderson took time off work to travel around South America in 2003, his adventure holiday turned into 101 days of terrifying captivity when he and seven other backpackers were taken hostage while trekking in the Colombian jungle.

Don’t Panic – 8th February 2011
Wierd it may be, but watching Mark’s powerful, raw, and thoughtful film, you’ll be glad of the insight it provides.

Lost in the Multiplex – January 2011
This isn’t a documentary in the barnstorming style of Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock, but it’s as vibrant a piece of film-making as you’re likely to see in 2011. Though be warned, you’ll want to burn your Che Guevara T-shirt afterwards.

The Film Review – 28th January 2011
The past is never far behind us, but some of us are better at escaping its legacy. If you’ve been kidnapped by armed revolutionaries and dragged deep into their impenetrable jungle hideaway, then you’re probably more aware of this than most of us.

The Guardian – 26th January 2011
Kidnap revisited: how I met my former captor
Mark Henderson had been held captive in the Colombian jungle for three months. After his release, he’d managed to put his ordeal behind him when his former kidnapper contacted him. It led to an extraordinary journey

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – 11th December 2010
Unlikely Reunions
After a British man was taken hostage in Colombia, he becomes friends with one of his captors, surprising everyone – including himself.

The Lincolnite – 8th November 2010
Lincolnite faces his kidnapper on film
The emotional film documents Henderson’s journey back to Colombia.

The Independent on Sunday – 7th November 2010
UK hostage goes back to make film of ordeal:
“The first night we were back there I slept in the same bed that I was taken from, and I was frozen with fear. I couldn’t sleep all night.”.

The Telegraph – 6th November 2010
Face to face with his kidnapper
“Six years after he was taken hostage in the Colombian jungle, Mark Henderson returned to meet his captors, a reunion made into the film My Kidnapper “.

BBC News Site – 3rd November 2010
Former hostage’s film about meeting Colombian captor:
“I had been building towards this meeting for years,” Mr Henderson said. “The kidnapping had ended physically, but emotionally and mentally it was still going on

El Tiempo – 1st November 2010
Británico hizo un documental sobre el reencuentro con su secuestrador (British Man Makes Documentary About The Meeting With His Kidnapper)

El Espectador – Colombia — 28th October 2010
Inglés se hizo “amigo” de su secuestrador, del Eln, a través de Facebook (Englishman Makes Friends with his ELN Kidnapper on Facebook)

Colombia Reports – 27th October 2010
British ELN Hostage Films Meeting with Kidnapper

Yorkshire Post – 12th October 2010
Return to a Nightmare

Variety – 17th August 2010
“A fascinating docu about the search for closure…. As a chronicle of different reactions to the trauma of abduction… where nothing registers as morally straightforward, “My Kidnapper” succeeds brilliantly.”

The Guardian – 24th October 2009
The Lure of the Lost City