REINI: Two weeks after being released, Reinhilt Weigel was charged by the German Government for half the cost of the helicopter that transported her and fellow hostage Asier Huegun, out of the jungle to freedom. Asier, from northern Spain was not charged a penny. Reini has been to court three times to overturn this ruling. In 2009 she lost her third and final appeal against the government and has been fined with over 18,000 Euros.

This unfair charge and ruling have meant that Reini has never been able to forget the kidnapping. It has always been hanging over her and it will continue to do so until she pays the fine. If you would like to donate to help Reini, please use the Paypal button to the right or contact We have started a fund to help her repay the charge and any donation is welcome.


Between incredibly generous donations and a fundraiser in my parents village we've managed to raise over £1000.  Every little helps and Reini could not be more grateful.

Many thanks.

The producers of My Kidnapper are also supporting the following charities:


Children of the Andes

Children of the Andes (COTA) is a UK registered charity dedicated to supporting Colombia's most vulnerable children. COTA does this by supporting local projects which provide education, support vulnerable families, help make communities safer and help young people develop the skills and confidence they need to build independent and fulfilling lives.

Hostage UK

Hostage UK is an independent charity that champions the needs of hostages and their families. We were founded by a group of former hostages and their families who wanted to provide for others the kind of help they had needed themselves. Alongside our volunteers, we have a team of pro bono professionals and we have a 24/7 local rate helpline for families and former hostages in need: 0845 608 1360.